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The ProximiTel Platform hosts over 7,000,000+ data points of consumer interests, demographics, hobbies, & non-personally identifiable behavior to reach customers in real-time. ProximiTel offers 30+ pages of dashboards and over 200 data widgets.

Businesses can interact with consumers through instant chat features, iBeacon technologies to book restaurant reservations, develop mobile-ready landing pages, offer drink specials to users in the vicinity of establishment, create rewards and analyze non-personally identifiable consumer behavior.



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Analyze real-time data, send hyper-targeted email campaigns, track consumer engagement, define brand affinities, review guest sentiment, see competitors room rates, create iBeacon marketing campaigns, send push notifications and view consumer demographics.




Utilize over 30 pages of analytical, marketing and reporting dashboards to reach consumers in real-time. Track consumer sentiment with the industries first guest sentiment index called ProximiTel Pulse.




We are a team of designers, developers and marketers with a passion for data. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with numerous Fortune 500s, celebrities, and movie studios building custom web, mobile and backend platforms through our wholly owned subsidiary Social Media 180




Stay ahead of competitors with our cutting edge iBeacons solutions for hotels and retail businesses to reach consumers as they near Touchpoints of interest. Examples include sending push notifiations to guests mobile phones as they get within X amount of feet of the entrenece, restaurant, event venue, spa, pool, casino or other points of interst.

As guests near the iBeacon, they will recieve a push notification which opens into a rich mobile landing page with general information, calls-to-action, contests, reservation bookings, ticket sales, casino promotions, drink specials and MUCH more!

ProximiTel iBeacons for Hotels

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ProximiTel | A Big Data Platform for Hotels & Retail Businesses

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ProximiTel is a custom backend platform for hotels and retail businesses that utilizes iBeacon technology. Our platform is designed to help hotels and businesses provide authentic experiences to their consumers, while streamlining operations and eliminating bottlenecks.

Free Widgets

ProximiTel offers seven free dashboards of graphically rich widgets that any hotel can utilize to measure, analyze and monitor real-time demographical data.

The Platform

Our platform hosts over 7 million data points, interests, demographics, hobbies, likes and non-personally identifiable information.


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Increase visibility, brand awareness, engagement, ROI and understand the big data available at your hotel or retail business.

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